JD Gallery


The following images are photographs taken in and around the rural enclaves of Ontario.  Because my dissertation project examines the aestheticization of ephemera, garbage, and found objects within rural landscapes, my aim is to capture images of domestic refuse in natural environments, and anomalous juxtapositions of old and new technologies.  My objective is to examine how disposable objects, obsolete technologies, and modern waste material constitute a new, modern representation of the pastoral: the neopastoral. Some of the images below have appeared in magazines such as Qwerty, filling Station, and The Torontoist, and have been exhibited at venues from Toronto to Calgary.





Cold Pastoral


Reflection of the Interloper


Cradle or Celestial Light


Deadstock Removal


Preservation and Decay


In Medias Res or

The Shoe Tree


Rural Abstract


Rural America


A Final Aubade


View from the Rear of a Toronto Streetcar


County Road 6 or

Pagan Rituals


The Solitary Reaper


Rural Abstract 2


The Reckless Dream




Pastoral Unconscious


Highway Scenes




Interior Perception


Rural Abstract 3


Phallus Dentata or

Distinctive Disturbance


Rural Abstract 4 or

"I Claim This Silo Wall in the Name

of Anarchy, Satan, Hitler, etc."


Anecdote of the Jugs


Interior 6




Der Stiefel




Mise en Abime:

The Home Abandoned


The Thing that Managed

to Thing Itself into Thinghood


It Took Dominion


The Work Abandoned